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FASA and the Renault 4 in Spain

The R4 that were built in Spain by FASA are remarkably different from those assembled in France. Blind as I was, I'd never really noticed that during my frequent visits to Spain in the period 1986-1991 (see here). After I bought my first FASA in 2004 I had to replace parts every now and then. It became apparent quickly that they differ so much from their French counterparts that they deserve some proper attention. It is a well known fact that R4 were built in a number of countries outside France. In this section you can read some odds and ends about the story behind those that were assembled in Valladolid.

Renault and FASA

Before 1951, Renault in Spain was known as SEAR (Sociedad Española de Automovíles Renault), later renamed RESA (Renault España Sociedad Anónima). FASA was started by Renault in 1951 in answer to import restrictions imposed by the Spanish government after the second World War. In 1957, more import restrictions became effective forcing companies to use more locally produced parts, which, in 1962, amounted to 90% of the vehicles value (this lasted until 1979). This lead to the local production of R4 berlines (turismos) and fourgonnettes (furgonetas) that are quite different from the ones produced in France, making them a nice subject for this small webpage.

Models and production
1964 Spanish brochure backside

FASA started building the R4L and Furgoneta in Valladolid late 1963. Velocidad magazine of February 1964 and Autopista 266 both mention the introduction. The price of the turismo is 84000 pesetas, a furgoneta would cost you the same amount. According to the Piezas de Recambio PR785, those were R1123 (turismo) and R2104 (furgoneta) - the same numbers as used in France in this period. The R1123S (S for Super) was introduced in 1965. Although the Super is abundantly equipped with chrome parts, it must not be confused with the French Super R1122 and R1124 (produced in 1963 and 1964 only).

backside 1968 Spanish brochure

From 1968 on the PR, MR and the manuales de conservación list the R1125 (turismo) and R2108 (furgoneta), two numbers that would not be used outside the peninsula. The luxury version was, from 1968 on, R1125S, successor to the R1123S. It had some resemblance to the French 1968 model like the grille and the dashboard, but it is also distinctly different, for instance by its square bumpers. In 1976, the R1125TL succeeded the R1125S - more or less similar to France where the TL was introduced in the same year.

The R2108, with the first grille and dashboard, was, for a limited period, also available as R2108S (furgoneta sobreelevada, from 1969), and R2108SA (sobreelevada acristalada, from 1972).

1989 model

The R1125 was at least built until 1981, according to the Manuales de Conservación. However, already in 1978 the Spanish models lose some of their charming differences with the French ones (such as the bumper and indicator lights). Nevertheless even late models like from 1988 and 1989 (right hand picture, probably an R1128) are clearly recognizable as Spanish - for instance by the chrome bumper, chrome wide rear door handle and chrome strip below doors, and narrow black plastic strips alongside (the GTL with its plastic side protection boards was never built in Spain). I know, at least, about a 1980 R1125TL with 813-02 engine, so it is not completely sure when the 1125 was abandoned in favour of the 1126. On one of the Spanish R4 fora someone mentions that in (model year) 1982 the 852cc engine was succeeded by the 1108cc (built into the TL). In the same year production of the Furgoneta Sobre-elevada and Acristalada ceased, to be succeeded by the F6, six years after its introduction in France. Motor Clásico states that FASA continued the production of the R4 until 1989, after which the slovenian R4 Clan were imported in 1990 and 1991.

The PR reveals that the R1125S and R2108 were also produced in Guarda, Portugal, and the R2108 was also exported to France. For Spain the country code 261 is used, for Portugal 267 and France 100. So, an R1125S/267, for instance, is a Super from Guarda in Portugal.

When PR897 (4th edition) was printed in September 1973, 84499 R1125S had been produced (but what about the R1125?) and 15355 R2108 (and what about the R2108S?). For the 5th edtion of November 1975, 8900 R1125 and 148224 R1125S were produced (my TL has number 19813). The R2108 stood at 81566 produced, R2108S 35547 and R2108SA 17639 (although I must add that the numbering for models constructed in Guarda too are somewhat confusing). Ultimately, between 1964 and 1989, a total of slightly over 400,000 turismos and nearly the same amount of furgonetas were produced in Valladolid.

MR61 MR147 MR195 MR196
PR785 PR897 PR1062
My own FASAs

I have owned a 1977 R1125TL since 2004. I am proud to say it was featured in '4L Magazine' no. 20, of november 2010. The article can be viewed as PDF here. In 2010 I bought a 1971 R2108S Furgoneta Sobre-elevada, nicknamed 'la Bella Signora' which I drove all the way from Madrid to the Netherlands. It has been restored between 2018 and 2023.


Printed information is hard to find except on Spanish auction sites, but after more than 15 years of searching I do possess a fair amount of documentation, especially a lot of turismo and furgoneta brochures and various workshop manuals. If you are looking for specific information contained in the technical documentation, don't hesitate to ask me.

PR785 (última edición of 1969) is about the well known R1123 (R4L 'limousine' and R4LS 'limousine super') and R2104 (furgoneta). The models described in this PR are quite different from the French ones carrying the same R1123 type number. In contrast to the other PRs I know of, it is in Spanish and French only. My PR897, for model years 1974 (ed. 4) and 1976 (ed. 5), are devoted to the R1125 (básico and super) and R2108 (and 2108S / 2108SA). PR1061 and PR1062 are the successors of PR897, for respectively the R1125 and for the 4F and 4F6. I have a PR1062 6th edition for 1979-1985 for R2108(S/A), R2370 and R210B.

The French MR61 (manuel de reparation) has a special addition for the 'organes spéciaux FASA'. MR147 (january 1968) is for the R1125. It exists in a French and Spanish version, at least. Finally, I also got hold of a 1st edition (1976) of both the MR195 (mecánica) and MR196 (carroceria) for the R1125(S/TL) and R2108(S/A) which is the Spanish equivalent of the MR175/MR176.

Motor Clásico magazine n° 174, of july 2002, provides an excellent overview of the R4 produced by FASA.

Apart from the excellent forum maintained by the Club Clásicos Renault 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, not so much information can be found on the internet. The Spanish Wikipedia has a brief article about the R4, but doesn't even mention the Spanish version (although there is also an article about Renault in Spain). At the brilliant renault4plus website there used to be a story of the restauration of 'La Laranja Mecánica', a 1973 portuguese 4LC, but it has disappeared from its original location. The same car was also covered in Renault Magazine 9, of september 2008.

Portugal specifics

A couple of Portuguese enthousiasts (thank you Victor, Fernando and João) informed me about some details of the Portuguese R4. The R1125 was also produced in Portugal (Guarda). It came in various versions: R1125, R1125TL, R1125S (Super), but also 4LC. C is for commercial: 5 places, two side rear view mirrors. This was only in Portugal, where the R4 was considered a semi-commercial car. It appears that the R1125 was sold in Portugal from 1972 to 1975 or 1976. Those were assembled in Guarda under Spanish specifications and with the 813-02 engine. The R1123 was also produced in Guarda, but according to French specifications; after 1976, Portugal imported Spanish R1125 from Valladolid, which were, in 1982, replaced by Spanish R1128.


The Club Clásicos Renault 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and the honorable Presidente Cruz.

Spare parts manuals (PR)

The PR (Pièces de Rechange or Piezas de Recambio) are a most valuable source of information for the identification of parts. Send me an email if you are in need of specific graphic information about certain FASA R4 parts. I can always help you finding copies of pages but for copyright reasons I cannot share entire books.

Renault (December 1969). Catálogo de piezas de recambio PR785, 3a edición, R4L limousine (R1123), R4LS limousine super (R1123S), R4F furgoneta Fourgonnette (R2104) (7702 009 469).

Renault (September 1973). Catálogo de piezas de repuesto PR897, 4a edición 1968-1974, R1125/261 R1125S/261 R1125S/267 R2108/261 R2108/100 R2108/267 R2108S/261 R2108SA/261 (77 02 049 525).

Renault (November 1975). Catálogo de piezas de repuesto PR897, 5a edición 1968-1976, R1125 R1125S R1125TL R2108 R2108S R2108SA (77 02 049 631). (the successor of PR897 is PR1061. The second edition of 1979-1980 is for R125 and R1125TL)

Renault (June 1984). Catálogo de piezas de repuesto PR1062, 5a edición 1979-1985, R2108 R2108S R2108SA R2370 R210-B (77 02 123 711).

Repair manuals (MR)

The MR (Manuel de Réparation or Manual de Reparación) are the technical handbooks to use if you are planning to do some major restauration, but I must admit that I prefer the PR.

Renault (July 1963). MR61 additif organes spéciaux FASA, R1123 (85 061 31 03).

Renault (January 1968). Manual de reparación MR147, 1a edición, R1125 (77 01 425 873).

Renault (December 1976). Manual de reparación MR195, 1a edición, mecánica, R1125 R1125S R1125TL R2108 R2108S R2108SA (77 01 441 195).

Renault (December 1976). Manual de reparación MR196, 1a edición, carroceria, R1125 R1125S R1125TL R2108 R2108S R2108SA (77 01 441 196).

Non-Renault documentation - mainly magazines

Charron, Elsie (1990). FASA-Renault. Un caso de internacionalización automovilística (traducción Luis Fernández Felipe y José Luis Robledo). Política y Sociedad, 5-1990, Madrid, pp45-63.

Motor Clásico magazine (2002). Dossier Renault 4. N° 174, july 2002.

Notably various Velocidad issues and Autopista 266-270 are worth having a look at. Issues 356, 567, 672, 724, 934 and 985 contain information about the 'Servicio Vacaciones'. Note the covers of the issues 356 and 660, from 1968 and 1974, respectively!

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