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1964: Introduction of the R2104 in Spain

Like the turismos, the fourgonnettes built by FASA were remarkably different from their French sisters. Especially the models with the elevated roof (sobre-elevada, from 1969, sold in France between 1973 and 1975) are worth mentioning.

furgoneta dashboard logo

The furgoneta R2104, like the turismo, is introduced in Spain early 1964. Apart from the bumpers, which are the same type as used on the Dauphines and R4 turismos, the furgonetas are now still rather similar to the French ones. On the dashboard (salpicadero), like for the turismos, an arrow shaped logo is fixed. Furgonetas are often equipped with chrome hubcaps and the alu ornamental grille. The engine is the 845cc Ventoux with 3 gears, from 1968 4. As shown on the right, the 'girafon' is advertised in a similar way as in France.

1964 furgoneta introduction brochure
1964_furgoneta_model 1964_furgoneta_adv

1966_1 1966_1

1966_1 1966_1

1969: R2108 and the elevated roof

Whereas the turismo has its makeover in 1968, the furgoneta is restyled in 1969 with the introduction of the R2108 and more specifically the R2108S, the latter with the 11cm elevated roof as shown below: the sobre-elevada. As the turismo from 1967, they have the R8 bumpers and chrome bumper reenforcements, and the same engine as the R1125 turismo: Sierra 813-02 with 852cc (like my own Furgo!). The first generation black dashboard is maintained until 1973, and the first grille until 1978 (to be succeeded by the 3rd generation black plastic one). From 1973 through 1975 the R2108S is also sold in Portugal and France as 'sûrélevée', as can be seen in the French brochures from those years. The back door proudly shows the 'FASA ESPAÑA' sign.

1970_1 1970_2 1970_4 1970_3

In 1973, the R2108 and R2108S are joined by the R2108SA: the sobre-elevada acristalada (tolée vitrée), with elevated roof, sliding side windows and rear bench.

1974_1 1974_2 1974_3

The brown dashboard and the 2nd generation steering wheel are introduced in 1973, while the grille remains the 1st generation - so in Spain the 2nd logo co-exists with the 1st grille from 1974 until 1978! The rims are the same as those used on the French fourgonnettes, but on the SA model they are combined with chrome hubcaps. The chrome bumper reenforcements are abandoned in 1975, with the introduction of the R6L rims with 10 air holes.

In 1978 the black plastic grille is introduced, in combination with the bi-colored rectangular indicator lights, and the plastic air inlet. The bumpers are replaced by those known from the French models from 1968. The dashboard remains the same brown 2nd generation, but with the R5 steering wheel. Note the nice yellow color of the models used in the brochures (amarillo eresma RE-106, used on various FASA models from 1973 onwards)

1979_2 1979_5 1979_1 1979_3 1980_1 1979_3 1980_5 1980_4 1980_5

The R2108S and R2108SA finally disappear in 1981, the same year the F6 is introduced in Spain - five years after its introduction in France! The remaining models are named 4F and 4F6. The 4F does not have side windows, while the 4F6 is only available with elevated roof, with or without side windows. Both the 4F and 4F6 have the 1108cc engine. After 1981, not much will change, lest the introduction of the 3rd generation dashboard in 1983. The production of the Furgonetas stops in 1991.

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