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Manuales de conservación

The 'manuales de conservación' are not very spectacular, but the Spanish ones are a good help in illustrating the differences between the French and Spanish models, so here is a list of the ones I know.
Of course, I'd be interested to hear about manuals not listed here. Please, drop me an email! Thanks to Cruz and Lasz for sending me pictures and discussing the development.
It is notable that the R1123 and R2104 are represented by three booklets: NE962, NE985 and NE132. The NE127 is exclusively for the R1125S/TL. From 1973 or 1974 onward, the R1125 and R1125S/TL share a booklet, respectively NE253, NE281, NE341 and NE416. NE294, NE340, NE340 and NE415 appear to be exclusively for the R2108. NE132 is very odd as there are versions for the R1123/R2104, the R1125 and the R2108.

1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981
R1123/2104 NE962 NE985 NE132 -
R1125 (S/TL) - NE127 NE253 NE253 NE281 NE341 ? NE416
R1125 - ? NE132 ? NE253 NE281 NE341 ? NE416
R2108 - ? NE132 NE294 NE340 ? NE415 ?
R1120/1123/2105/2106 ? NE133 ?


NE927 is what must be the first manual for the FASA built R4 R1123. One notes the special dauphine-like bumpers. Both on the front page and inside the opening 3rd side window (in France only in 1962 and 1963) is visible. The engine is 845cc, equipped with 12V. Also note the grey window frame on the front door - in France only on the basic models R3, R4 and fourgonnette. Where in France the Neimann 'antirrobo' was an option until 1970, it was standard in Spain except for the Furgoneta. Although no reference is made to the year of publication, this must be an early 1964 booklet: the front page shows 'FASA (España)'; during 1964 FASA was changed to FASA RENAULT, as the NE985 below shows.


NE962 is an updated version to NE927, and shows on the front page a reference to both the R1123 and the R2104, which was introduced almost simultanously with the R1123, on the front page. Internally the two are almost identical, but apparently there has been a loose apéndice to NE962 showing the portezuela del techo (the girafon).


1964, 1965 or 1966:
NE985 is still pretty much the same as the 1964 manual except for an interesting detail: on the front page it is shown that this manual is by 'FASA RENAULT' whereas the previous one is by 'FASA (ESPAÑA)' - a change which dates from the end of 1964 (see here for a description of the various names Renault Spain had). Internally, the only obvious changes with respect to the NE962 are the suppression of the parking lights ('inversor de las luces de estacionameniento'), and the introduction of the new spring-equipped bar for keeping the hatch open, which, in France, was introduced in 1964 but here, I think, only in 1965.


still a NE985. It came with an R1123 bought in Madrid on 18 October of 1968 (written on the 3rd page of the booklet and the carta de garantia). has the same number as its predecessor, but the cover is more like the 1968 NE132, albeit still with the 1st grille and dashboard. Inside, the glued-in aditivo a NE985 shows the 'nuevas instalaciones' for 1968, which happen to be the new 4-speed gearbox with the pear-shaped 'palanca de cambios'. The photos inside still show the round gearbox shift. An accompanying Certificado de Garantía of january 1968 is for the R1123, R1125 and R2104.


NE127 is from November 1967 and therefore model year 1968, so here's the new R1125 with Sierra 852cc engine. The model is not (yet) referred to as R1125S. There is a theory that states that originally the R1125 was meant as a luxury model, next to a basic model R1123. Later, as we all know, the R1125S existed next to the R1125 (normal). This may explain which the cover shows a R1125 with an R1125S grille, whereas in 1969 the NE127 shows the same cover but refers to '4 Super'.


NE132 is from January. The R1123 and R2104 with 845cc 801 engine are still being produced although production of the R1125 (see above) has already started. On the inside the 1st generation dashboard and 1st grille attract the attention, in combination with the pear-shaped 'palanca de cambios'. Weren't the 2nd generation dashboard and grille -shown on the front page- introduced this year? The question remains: why two 1968 booklets, one for the R1123, one for the R1125? One answer could be that the R1123 with Ventoux 845cc engine was for export to South America (see below for the 1969 NE133); another that the R1123 would evolve into the R1125 básico, of which at least the first ones were also Ventoux equipped.


To make things more complicated, here's a special edition of the NE127 for the Super, without clear reference to the date. Note the lower case characters a-j, in contrast to the upper case used before. Given the 2nd generation grille (and 2nd dashboard inside), it must be 1968 or later. As reference is being made to the Super, this probably means that by now there is also a básico model around.


NE133 (marked 'édition espagnole, of May 1968) is a bit peculiar as it shows a 2nd generation grille and 3nd generation French bumper - clearly this is not a FASA manual although the language is Spanish. The models it is meant for are named 'limusina' and furgoneta and are referred to as R1120/1123/2105/2106. I think the term 'limusina' was not used in Spain. Because the inside speaks about 'US pints' and 'imperial pints' I think this one was mentioned for the southern US market, or maybe related to the 1968 NE132.


NE127 (4th edition, of December 1969) is for the R1125S, and shows a photo of the 2nd generation grille and the FASA 2nd generation bumpers. Interesting detail: this manual and those for the subsequent two years are named 'conducción y entrenemiento' whereas all others are named 'manual de conservación'.


NE127 (5th edition, of February) is largely similar to the NE127 of 1971 (see above), only the '4' and the Renault logo have been switched. On the right is an addition (3rd edition of february 1971) that makes me very happy to have as it belongs to my own furgoneta. I don't know why there is a separate addition because there is not really much more in it than a description of the starter (instead of the neimann) that was in the furgos and probably also the standard R1125 (which is also mentioned on the front page).


This NE127 (6th edition, of February), for the R1125S, is rather like the 1971 NE127.

Also from 1972, NE132 (May 1972), for R1125 and R2108/R2108S, of course shows the first grille that was common to the basic model and the furgoneta. It is remarkable that there are apparently still two manuals co-existing: the NE127 (which was already around in 1968) for the R1125S, and the NE132 (also 1968 but R1123/R2104) for the R1125 and R2108 and R2108S.


NE253 (2nd edition, January 1973) shows a new title: not 'conducción y entrenimiento' anymore but 'manual de conservación'. In this year, the NE253 is only R1125S.


NE253 (1st edition, July 1973) is also quite special as this is the only year in which the 2nd grille was combined with the new logo. This NE253 is a combined manual for both R1125S and R1125 (the básico), which will be the case for the coming few years.

NE132 (2nd edition, March 1974, the first edition is of July 1973) is another must-have: the manual of the furgonetas R2108, R2108s and R2108sa, of course shown on the front page with the 1st generation grille accompanied by the 2nd logo. Strikingly, with respect to 1972, is that now we have an NE132 exclusively for the furgoneta.


NE281 (2nd edition, December 1974) for R1125S and R1125 shows the grille that was introduced for model year 1975, still with the round 'intermitentes'. So, although a 3rd generation grille it is still named Super. But why the big red dot?

NE294 (2nd edition, January 1975) for R2108(S/A) still shows the 1st generation grille that is so common to the furgonetas in the early seventies.


NE281 (3rd edition, September 1975) sees the introduction of the 4TL which replaces the Super. Apart from the R1125TL also the R1125 is listed.

NE340 (1st edition, February 1976) appears very similar to the 1974 NE132 but the Furgoneta is now called '4F'.


NE341 (1st edition, February 1976, 3rd edition, March 1977) is virtually indistinguishable from the 1976 NE281. One notices however that the direction of the purple silhouettes on the front page has changed. The inside has been restyled with respect to NE281, the most important change being the introduction of pictures of the rims with 12 holes that were already introduced in model year 1975.


NE341 (3rd edition, July 1977, 5th edition, February 1978) is only 4 months younger than its predecessor shown above, but the differences are very distinct: rectangular front indicator light, and the 'French' 1968 bumper. The end of Spanish R4 is near! Or not.... we are still talking R1125 / R1125TL.

NE340 (February 1978) is the Furgoneta companion of NE341. With respect to the 1976 edition, the 1st grille has been replaced by the plastic one, and the bumper is now the 'French' 1968 one.


NE416 (1st edition, July 1979, 2nd edition, January 1980) is again turismo one and surprisingly familiar to its French counterpart NE412. Inside we have R1125 and R1125 TL.

NE415 (1st edition, Julio 1979, 2nd Enero 1980, 3rd Julio 1980) is again the Furgoneta brother of the NE416, for the 4F (R2108), 4FS (R2108S) and 4FSA (R2108SA).


NE416 (4th edition, Enero 1981, different cover than the 1980 NE416). This one shows that the R1125 / R1125TL were built until at least 1981.


NE452F or NE452 (1st edition, Julio 1981) Still the same year as the previous, for the Furgoneta, we notice that the models are 4F (R2108), 4F6 S (R2370 S) and 4F6 SA (R2370 SA), so the R2108S and R2108SA, the 4FS and 4FSA, are now history.


NE469 (2nd edition of Enero 1983, 3rd of Julio 1984, 4th of Enero 1985 up to the 10th of Marzo 1989) Last years manual appears not to change its cover until the end in 1990 (apparently, there is one labelled 1990 too, but I don't know its number). I guess that the F6 remained R2370, but I am not sure about the fate of the R2108.


NE468 (3rd edition, Junio 1984, 4th edition, Enero 1985), for the R1128 TL only, cover design equally ugly as for the Furgonetas. Alas, no R1125 anymore, so between 1981 and 1984 FASA must have stopped building them.


NE469 (14th edition of march 1991), (not for furgoneta though) surprisingly now is for the Renault 4TL R1128 (!) and Renault 4GTL R1128 with 1108cc.

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