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The people

What would the Brochures have been without the dozens of people featured in them? This section contains most of the images found in the br /ochures on which people's faces are more or less distinguishable (and two from a 1961 Paris Match). Have a look at the Wild Bunch (1973), the chassis family (1967) or any of the other ones. Enjoy the sheer endless variety of characters and scenes!

1961_01_small 1961_02_small parismatch1 parismatch2

1962_01_small 1962_02_small

1963_01_small 1963_02_small 1963_03_small 1963_04_small 1963_05_small 1963_06_small 1963_07_small 1963_08_small 1963_09_small 1963_10_small 1963_11_small 1963_12_small 1963_13_small 1963_14_small 1963_15_small 1963_f01_small 1963_f02_small 1963_f03_small 1963_f04_small 1963_f05_small 1963_f06_small 1963_f07_small

1964_02_small 1964_04_small 1964_05_small 1964_06_small 1964_07_small 1964_08_small 1964_09_small 1964_10_small 1964_11_small 1964_12_small 1964_13_small

1965_01_small 1965_02_small 1965_03_small 1965_04_small 1965_05_small 1965_06_small 1965_07_small 1965_08_small 1965_09_small 1965_10_small 1965_11_small 1965_12_small 1965_13_small 1965_14_small 1965_15_small 1965_16_small 1965_17_small


1967_01_small 1967_02_small 1967_03_small



1970_f01_small 1970_f02_small

1971_01_small 1971_02_small 1971_03_small

1972_01_small 1972_02_small

1973_01_small 1973_02_small 1973_03_small 1973_04_small 1973_05_small 1973_06_small 1973_07_small 1973_08_small 1973_09_small 1973_10_small 1973_11_small 1973_f01_small 1973_f02_small 1973_f03_small 1973_f04_small 1973_f05_small 1973_f06_small

1974_01_small 1974_02_small 1974_03_small 1974_04_small 1974_06_small 1974_f01_small

1975_01_small 1975_02_small 1975_03_small 1975_04_small 1975_05_small 1975_06_small 1975_07_small 1975_08_small 1975_10_small 1975_11_small

1976_f01_small 1976_f02_small 1976_f03_small


1978_01_small 1978_03_small 1978_04_small 1978_02_small

1979_01_small 1979_02_small 1979_03_small 1979_04_small 1979_s01_small 1979_s02_small 1979_s03_small 1979_s04_small 1979_s05_small

1981_01_small 1981_02_small 1981_03_small 1981_04_small 1981_jogging_01_small

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