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Les confidences de Cornélie
cornelie maris cornelie maris cornelie vacances cornelie meute cornelie 3.65m cornelie economies cornelie 3.65m

During 1964, a series of very nice advertisements were published in Elle magazine about a young lady named Cornélie, who owns a Super (soon to be succeeded by the Parisienne). In each edition she shares her confidences: her holidays, her scouting group, taking part in a rallye, her husband Gonzagues, etc. The episodes apparently appeared every two weeks. They were marked with subsequent Publicis codes (shown below between brackets), so it can be deduced that probably at least two more exist than are shown here (A2, A4):

cornelie vacances cornelie gonzagues cornelie noce cornelie rallye

cornelie nos maris

Elle 954 (41 110 A1):
Tout ce que nos maris...

Elle 956 (41 110 A2):

cornelie départs en vacances

Elle 958 (41 110 A3):
Les départs en vacances

Elle 960 (41 110 A4):

cornelie la meute

Elle 962 (41 110 A5):
La meute, la R4 et moi

cornelie 3.65m

Elle 964 (41 110 A6):
3.65 mètres pour ma R4

cornelie économies

Elle 966 (41 110 A7):
Mes économies

cornelie gonzagues

Elle 968 (41 110 A8):
Gonzagues est jaloux de ma voiture

cornelie noce

Elle 970 (41 110 A9):
La noce à la campagne

cornelie rallye

Elle 972 (41 110 A10):
Première au rallye

cornelie plein ciel

Elle 974 (41 110 A11):
En plein ciel avec les vaches

Cornélie was also spotted in the Netherlands, notably in the 1965 Renault publications 'Autopost' and 'Renault Revue'. The photos from A1, A3 and A5 were used

Cornélie voorjaar
Cornélie scouts
Cornélie scouts
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