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Advertisements by others than Renault

Other brands have tried to take advantage of the reputation of the 4L by using it prominently in their own advertisements, sometimes jointly with Renault. Surprisingly, not only car-related brands like Shell, Elf and Havoline (lubrificants), Goodyear, Europcars and O.R. (I believe a car insurance company) did this, but also a seller of sweets and beverages like Pschitt, and Philips and Schneider (radio and television). And, as can be expected, there are two by Joustra and Dinky Toys ('Already as dinky toy - the new Renault 4L').

This page is not exhaustive; all third party pub can be found on the third party pub selection page.

Oil and car parts:
havoline huiles Elf Goodyear ThermoShell

This one by Philips is very tongue-in-cheek; they merged the 4CV with the 4L and cunningly remark 'There is something not right.. in a new car belongs a new radio'

Philips 24 heures Schneider

Joustra Dinky
Service, insurance, finance and stuff:
Touring Secours Europcar< Europcar Touring Secours

Following are a set of four joint advertisements of Pschitt beverages and sweets with Renault. Pschitt ran an advertising campaign jointly with Renault.

Pschitt Pschitt Pschitt
Pschitt Pschitt

Lastly, in Germany, Gauloises and Drum were active. In two contests organised by Gauloises (1975) and Drum (1982) allegedly one could win an F4 or an F6 (with built-in coffee machine!):

Gauloises Gauloises Gauloises
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